Tech Simplified for Product Managers

Many product managers don't come from a computer science background. Because of a lack of technical understanding, even these smart folks start doubting themselves at times. It also affects performance in interviews and at work

Tech knowledge takes years to build. Is there a faster and better way?

This email course is the first step to solve this problem by writing tech in simple language.

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    Deepak Singh

    Who am I?

    A PM who loves to write. I have worked at both small and large companies - Flipkart, MX Player,, and

    I also run a bi-weekly newsletter 'The Growth Catalyst' which has a readership of 5,000+ PMs, marketers, CXOs from different companies in India.

    What will you learn?

    - Why you should gain technical knowledge for PMs

    - Given that tech is vast, what should you focus on

    - How should you incrementally build this knowledge